The race is still on!

One of the BMC mechanics, Kjell Andersson, belonging to the team preparing and maintaining the car 1962-63, was now offered to buy it and race it. He did so together with another colleague, Paolo Zazzi.

They fitted a tuned 948 cc engine and participated in a numerous races both in the Swedish championship and the Sports car series.


In September Paolo Zazzi participated in an international race at Ring Knutstorp without known result.

In October he SSF-raced at Skarpnack and ended on a 6th place.

Additionally it was raced earlier that year by another professional BMC driver, Jan-Eric Andreasson, on ice during one of the winter SM-races on lake Haresjon. Result, 3rd place.

Autumn this year the car was sold to one of Kjell’s colleagues at BMC Sweden: Reine Wisell