Special Occation Pictures

Pictures from special occations

2015 I had the great opportunity to meet Reine Wisell in person. We had telophone contact before but now there was a unique possibility to meet at Mantorp RaceWay.

From that day Reine was working very close with me to get the car in a condition as close as possible to his status 1965. 

Unfortunately we all lost him 2022 but his precense is still there.....

During the 2018 Copenhagen Grand Prix street race I had the unbelievable occasion to race together with one of the most iconic Midgets in the world. One of the three GT-cars build by BMC competition depatrtment 1962.

Two of them became the famous "Dick Jacobs Coupes" and the third one was raced by and eventually bought by John Milne in Scotland. The 138 DJB was later handed over to Milner´s step son James Willis who is racing the car today.

This was a very unique moment since the cars have a very similar history and were manufactured in parallell. 

Another special moment was in early October this year when Dave Cawsey from the UK was passing by on his way from Lidköping to Copenhagen. He came to my garage and we spend some very nice and interesting hours discussing our Midgets. Looking forward to next time Dave!!!

I was very pleased of the result when a good friend, journalist and author Peter Haventon arranged and produced this view of the car.