Kurt Axell

A new racing era is on the rise again.

During spring this year Kurt Axell from Bankeryd bought the car and was determined to bring it to the racetracks again and join the Swedish Sports Car championship.

The car and the engine went through a thorough renovation.

Kurt managed to participate in one race this year. At Dalslands Ring he was quite successful against cars like Lotus 47 but the engine didn’t last until finish.

Kurt got the Midget in quite a bad condition. The car had already now a history through many hands and been used on normal roads without any special care.

When Kurt got the car home he started immidiately to take it into parts and carefully after a thorough check up and replacing all bad parts he put it together again but now in a much more correct condition. There was a terrible mix of steel and mag wheels. The good part was that the mag wheels still existed and were in quite good contition. But...one of the wheels had a typical swedish winter tyre with spikes mounted.

The summer of 68 was very warm and nice so the most of the renovation was done in Kurt's garden.


The first test run with everything back into position and the FJ engine fully renovated was done early morning on public roads at 04.00 am a Sunday morning. Since the car was not legally registered it was important not to be seen.

50 km away from home the gearbox broke down. Now Kurt had to wait until people woke up and started to move along this little remote road to get lift back home to arrange for a pick-up.

Here Kurt is lining up for the first race in one of the SSF races at Dalslands Ring. He's waiting behind a very special Lotus 47 raced by "Mr Musak"  or rather Kaj Bjerke wich was his real name. This specific car was bought by a friend of mine 1972 who still owns it and races it occationally. If I'm correctly informed there was only 80 made and this is the only one remaining in Scandinavia.