19th of December new owner Per Iwarsson (Roxlin) Vejbystrand

Kurt put the car for sale at a Sports Car exhibition in Norrkoping this year. My brother who showed his Lenham bodied Sprite 1958 at the same exhibition came back home and convinced me that this was the perfect car for me.

Student, no money, small garage, petrol in my blood, needed something to impress the girls.....and so on.

No question about it!!

19th of December, new owner is Per Roxlin, Vejbystrand.

Now the car was prepared to be used strictly on the road and went through a cosmetic upgrading:

Ford Cortina engine 1650cc.

Ford Corsair gearbox

Heating system

Floor carpets

Door rubber sealings

Road tires, Avon Wide Safety GT 165/60/13

Desmond Cooper silencer with twin exhausts

Cibie lights


The reciept showing the dreadful cost of 120 EUR

And here's the total including all parts ending up at around 300 EUR


12th of November it was approved by ”Svensk Bilprovning” and received new registration number LA 3178

So one year for preparation but the result was over our expectations. Fantastic car with incredible performance (almost scary)

The combination of the very light body and the silc smooth Kent engine was simply fantasic and so fun.

The Cortina GT engine and Corsair gearbox fitted nicely in the Midget

Unforunately my budget didn't let me invest in DCOE Webers so I had to cut a hole in the bonnet (terrible)

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