1999 and on


Mats Neglen in Malmo owned the car since 1981 and I had contact with him from time to time since his intention was to restore it and let it race again. Well car and car. It was acytually only a naked worn out chassies and a terrible lot of boxes with a mix of many MG, Aiustin and Morris parts.

So I visited him sometimes to identify what belonged to the Midget and not.

Everytime I left Mats and also when I met him I repeatedly reminded him of contacting me if he ever got cold feets about the project.

1999 the phone rang and it was time. Mats was fed up and now he offered me the car again. No moment to lose. I got the car the day after and then it was my turn to try to restore it back to racing standards.

1999 -

I thought it was not looking too bad actually. Using some cords. wires and wood blocks I managed to get it looking quite complete

I managed to rigg it up out on the field for taking pictures.

36 years have passed between those to shots. Above is my son doing his best to look like Hasse Radefalk below in the racing the premiere 1963

Here it is today. Looking better than ever.

And.....enjoing racing again